Jordan-Elbridge Dollars for Scholars processes scholarship applications online through ChapterNet!

ChapterNet's simple, straightforward design also helps students find scholarships they might not have found otherwise- and since all of the student's basic information is already in ChapterNet, applying for multiple scholarships is faster and simpler.

ChapterNet isn't just an application portal, either. In the Student Dashboard, students can view their progress and explore local chapter opportunities, scholarship listings and matches; there are also links to national news and resources that provide help with the college process.

Applications for JE Dollars for Scholars Scholarships are being accepted
beginning January 8, 2020 - Deadline: March 13, 2020

An overview of the process:

Create an account - Do not use your school email address.

Build your profile - Can should start and save your profile as soon as possible.  You do not have to complete it all at once.                               

- Basic and Additional Information
- School Information
- Academic Information (i.e.GPA's and school rank)
- Activities, Employment and Awards
- Parent/Guardian Information (Under 18? Parent/guardian consent will be needed - email address required)
- Support Material (i.e. essay)
- Financial Information* (see info below)
- Personal References from two people.

Financial Information
Jordan-Elbridge Dollars for Scholars Awards are NOT based on financial need. Therefore, you do not have to fill out FINANCIAL INFORMATION to be eligible for our award.  However, other national awards are based on need and would require such information.  We leave it to your discretion as to whether you fill out the Financial Information required.

Request financial information from your parent or guardian or use your own financial information if you are an emancipated student.

Transcript & Reference Section:
Do not request transcript information until after the end of the first semester of your senior year.

Applications for JE Dollars for Scholars Scholarships are being accepted
beginning January 8, 2019 - Deadline: March 8, 2019

Step-by-Step Instructions:

JE Student Application Instructions

JE Parent Instructions

Student Reference/Recommendation Instructions